This Woman got home safely…

I was sent this message earlier this week.
“Funny story from tonight and I swear to God on this now: I was just driving up to the pool there in the dark and as I got to the top of Saval park Road, at the roundabout to the entrance of Killiney Hill a women just jogged across the road in front of me, wearing all black, listening to music, and if it wasn’t for the pair of pink Leglites on her calfs I would not have seen her and I could slow down enough to not hit her, and she ran on without even looking at me !
Genuinely she didn’t see me and I was on a direct course to hit her, but I saw the reflection. Took me a minute after she ran off to realise they were Leglites!
You’ve saved at least one person with your product anyway, and saved me from hitting someone . So thank you!