A story from a cyclist…

I am a cyclist and a walker and have been wearing leglites for the past two years, coming out of work recently on a dark wet night I realised the rear light on my bike was broken, I would have had to abandon my bike that night if I hadn’t had my leglites with me and my Hi Viz backpack cover so Thanks to my leglites and backpack cover I got home safely and probably more visibly than with just my rear back light, they are amazing invention and I feel so safe and seen when I have them on , anyone out after dark should be wearing them for safety !

This Woman got home safely…

I was sent this message earlier this week.
“Funny story from tonight and I swear to God on this now: I was just driving up to the pool there in the dark and as I got to the top of Saval park Road, at the roundabout to the entrance of Killiney Hill a women just jogged across the road in front of me, wearing all black, listening to music, and if it wasn’t for the pair of pink Leglites on her calfs I would not have seen her and I could slow down enough to not hit her, and she ran on without even looking at me !
Genuinely she didn’t see me and I was on a direct course to hit her, but I saw the reflection. Took me a minute after she ran off to realise they were Leglites!
You’ve saved at least one person with your product anyway, and saved me from hitting someone . So thank you!

The Science behind the Leglite

Keys to Success of the Leglite®

Humans are designed to pick up ‘Biological Motion’ (even from infancy) and it is this motion that tells us that there is person moving and that we should avoid it if we are in a vehicle. “You want that driver to know exactly what direction you’re traveling in and predict where you will be when you arrive,” said Rick Tyrrell, professor of psychology at Clemson University. “Biological motion helps a driver predict the future.” In this case it is the placement of a reflective, high visibility product that is as important as wearing it alone.

As cars lights are dipped and directed towards the verge; exactly where cyclists, pedestrians and joggers are; Leglites will reflect back to the driver from up to 300 meters away. Also as the leg or arm is usually in motion it is a good place for a reflective, high vis garment. That’s because the up-and-down motion from pedaling, or the movement from a leg or arm while walking, running, can catch the eye of the motorist much more than a large reflective strip across the back, which can appear stationary.

It is reflective, not high-visibility, clothing that is the answer to being seen in the hours of darkness. However during the hours of daylight, high visibility clothing especially fluorescent yellow is of particular use.

These garments can pick up lights from cars/sunlight/ambient street lights. The effect of the Leglite® makes the person obvious to the driver who is behind the lights of the vehicle. As cyclists (joggers/walkers/riders) we cannot see how visible we are as we are the ones wearing (or not wearing as the case may be) reflective, high vis garments – this is not the case for the driver behind the wheel of the vehicle.

The Leglite ® can protect your trouser leg from getting caught in the chain of a bicycle and splash from the road. The garment is light-weight and easily stored away, perfect for commuter cyclists (runners, pedestrians, riders) and those that cover longer distances. The lower half of the leg stays warmer in winter and it protects from the sun in summer.