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A story from a cyclist…

I am a cyclist and a walker and have been wearing leglites for the past two years, coming out of work recently on a dark wet night I realised the rear light on my bike was broken, I would have had to abandon my bike that night if I hadn’t had my leglites with me […]

This Woman got home safely…

I was sent this message earlier this week. “Funny story from tonight and I swear to God on this now: I was just driving up to the pool there in the dark and as I got to the top of Saval park Road, at the roundabout to the entrance of Killiney Hill a women just […]

The Science behind the Leglite

Keys to Success of the Leglite® Humans are designed to pick up ‘Biological Motion’ (even from infancy) and it is this motion that tells us that there is person moving and that we should avoid it if we are in a vehicle. “You want that driver to know exactly what direction you’re traveling in and […]